It's not about us.
It's about you.
And we are a team committed to you.

We are a team of skilled disruptors; Code Breakers for Human Performance. We are successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives that have worked with thousands of professionals and numerous enterprises. And now we invest ourselves, our time and our unique skills in unlocking human potential to assist organizations in creating breakthrough results. Imagine thriving, people engaged and enjoying work while growing profitably and making a difference.

Our team

Kelly Townsend, The Leaders Team
Kelly Townsend
35-year business professional, 20 years coaching and training in Ontology - the study of being - for sales, business development, leadership development and team alignment. Delivering programs in healthcare, legal and financial service industries with executives, entrepreneurs and corporations. An expert in leadership development, team building and management effectiveness.
Jon Ouellette
Over 30 years experience as a Senior Executive in leading & owning companies, including ventures in financial, oil & gas, real estate and the largest Canadian - owned insurance brokerage. Experienced at leadership and corporate vision alignment, developing engaged performance cultures for fulfilling strategy and breakthrough results.  People, systems and structures get re-aligned to reinforce action toward the fulfillment of the company’s future.
Diane Emery-DiMaggio
Her experience and combination of business, technology and language resulted in a passion for ongoing development; this led her to spend the last 30 years designing and delivering seminars for personal and professional growth, resulting in over 10,000 people achieving extraordinary performance. During the last 40 years, she has received multiple awards and been praised in various publications.

 Jackie Little 
Jackie has trained and developed Leaders in Ontology and Transformation since 2014.
She has 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience and is in the top 10% with the number one Real Estate Company in the world. While coaching leaders to build teams, businesses and financial success, Jackie’s known for being unstoppable in making the difference for her clients. If you’re stuck, frustrated, disenchanted or up to something BIG, she will make herself 100% responsible for you being empowered, producing extraordinary results in your business and your life.

CODE BREAKING: is about revealing patterns that allow you to see things you haven’t seen before and discovering new actions to take that you didn’t know were possible before.


Our approach is transformational

We work with business leaders to understand the specific nature of your challenges and design bespoke solutions. Our tailored consultancy services address your challenges resulting in partnership, collaboration and alignment. We employ a mix of:


We are code breakers in
corporate performance.




We are a team of skilled disruptors, making a profound difference for business owners, executives, teams and ourselves in dealing powerfully with what matters to us all in business and in life.

We provide leaders access to being a new kind of leader, discovering new ideas, taking action in new ways and making a remarkable and lasting impact.

Our unique methodology and talent to distinguish, dismantle and discover blind spots and limitations gives our clients access to designing new cultures, empowering people to take on the unpredictable and challenge themselves to be breakthrough performers.

We are leaders of reinvention for business owners and executives. Our highly trained and developed listening skills establish a unique relationship with our clients and our team that allows for authentic, open and honest communication. As high-performance collaborators we work together to create a new era of transparent and accountable environments.

Champions of the You and Me business model, we engage people to develop themselves to be leaders who skillfully forward team alignment inside a shared future. Team players become owners of the future, working together creatively, pro­actively, efficiently, and effectively in action accomplishing breakthrough results.

We build alliances, champions and advocates that empower our team and our clients’ success. We are catalysts for living heroic and fulfilling lives inside a new paradigm that makes a lasting difference for people and for business.